Our Services

Our Services

This is an institution that helps Sinhala, Tamil, Muslims, Burger and other Autistic children who live in Sri Lanka and all around the world, without caring the race, the creed and the caste. We do not pay attention the disorder child that be big or small. We obtained a wide knowledge through the experiments and researchers for many years and establish this OSILMO Autism Center in Sri Lanka.


Dr. Sinniah Thevananthan is the Director of the OSILMO Autism Center. All the Functions are taken place under his concentration. He does a special individual treatment system is the important thing of this centre.


There is a group of highly trained expert clinical joining hands with OSILMO. It is the success for us. First of all OSILMO do the assessment and find out the diagnosis of the disorder.


Once the assessment is properly done we plan an individualized educational and special Therapeutic programme. This is done by our group of highly trained and qualified Autism team. This is a special Autism Therapy Program like Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Special Educational Therapy, Music Therapy, Etc…


The program is never completed without continuous supervision and regular re-assessment which we do with utmost care and responsibility.


We could prove the progress of OSILMO children under our clinical process. The parents, the teachers, and the adults work as a team to do this process with us.


OSILMO does its best for the Autistic children such as

1.    Socialization

2.    Speech and Language Development

3.    Self – Help Development

4.    Life skill Development

5.    Cognitive Development

6.    Pragmatic Development

7.    Integration to normal education stream


Autism child must be taken their rights and privileges in the world as a regular child which is our ambition.