Our Program

Special individual and group therapy systems like Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Special Educational Therapy, Music Therapy, Etc…  to prepares the Autistic child for the social communication and social interaction. Involves adjustment to carry on day to day activities. eg:- Toileting, Eating, Dressing and making inter-relation ships Ect… Motivate and support others around the Autistic child. Such as Parents, teachers, neighbors, and the community who are also affected. Launching programmes to research Autism, with the knowledge of professionals. Identifying the skills that the child has and make the life style improvements through him/her self. Launching highly motivation programme with the parents, doctors, mid-wives, and etc… Doing individual therapy system. Training extra curricular activities Music, dancing, hand work, drawing Providing inter-relationships among the children doing by group clinical therapy. Pay special attention to develop education. Introducing International programs through media. Identifying Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) before 3 years and refer them with correct clinical therapies, and sent to the regular school. Introducing books on Autism and other disorders.
OSILMO Autism Villege
In the long term we hope to provide a holistic environment with facilities providing for Religious observances and surroundings. Developing Sporting – eg: – swimming pool, indoor and outdoor games. Library facilities. Educational facilities providing in our autistic school. Introducing Computer Programs. Providing suitable occupational opportunities. Medical facilities. etc…. Autism in Sri Lanka.